11 Advantages To Information Technology Provider Services

Every business will face challenges. As a business grows and becomes more successful, the more complex it will become. Inevitably, your business will continue to add new tools, computers and technologies to help it communicate and operate smoothly. However, it’s this very bit of growth that creates new headaches and complexities.

There are business solutions that can help put you back in control. A business shouldn’t have to worry about technology as a hindrance when it should be focused on strategic growth. The technologies your business employs today might well be complex, but the Information Technology (IT) can be simply and easily managed by a professional services provider.

A full-time, in-house IT department can be a cumbersome burden to run and maintain. The costs and pressures of a single department that’s responsible for so much of the flow of the business is not always an option for small or even mid-sized businesses. If your company isn’t a mega-corp with multiple offices scattered across the globe, then one solution is to look to an IT services provider. On-demand 24 hours-a-day, with a depth of real-world experience and an economy of scale that your business just can’t match, world-class IT service can be just a click away.

INT has sorted through decades of IT experience to provide you with the top 11 revelations that come from using a professional IT services provider:

  1. Do What You Do Best: Get More Time To Focus On Core Business.
    Focus on your core competencies, because great teams are built on putting the right people and the right resources in the right places so that everything functions at peak performance. If you can free up your internal staff so they’re focusing on their job, not on fixing the office wireless connection, then you’re already putting a very important piece of the machine back to work. A professional IT services provider can find the new technology as well as implement the solutions much quicker, allowing you to get back to actually using the WIFI, not worrying about how long it’s going to be down.

  2. Leave It To The Experts: Get Specialized Talent.
    It takes a lot of time and a whole lot of resources to build experience and expertise. Not every business has those luxuries these days. Considering how costly it is to develop an in-house IT staff, let alone rely on that homegrown talent to service all your needs, it’s wise to consider an IT consultancy that already has a talented staff of experts ready to help, over the phone or online. The vast resources that an IT and technology services provider has will allow small and medium-sized businesses to get access to that specialized expertise at a fraction of the cost of in-house development and maintenance.  

  3. Productivity: Get A Higher Rate Of Efficiency From Technology.
    Squeezing efficiency from technology sounds simple enough, but the true increase all lies in the way that technology is put to use. Sure, the internet can enhance communication, information-sharing and project collaboration, but if the IT infrastructure isn’t set up to allow users to access it and understand it, then all that efficiency is lost. An IT solutions provider will help to set up an infrastructure that works for your staff, ultimately allowing them to use the new technologies that will increase their work output, productivity and company-wide communication. The technologies an IT services provider can deliver range from something as simple as an office file server to something as on-the-go as Blackberry mobile device set up. Whether your staff is out in the field or back at the office, get the peace of mind that they’re being productive by way of your new technologies.

  4. Reduce Downtime: Get Reliable IT Support.
    Downtime starts when the systems stop working, which means losses in communication, production and profits. Just a few minutes of downtime can carry huge, but avoidable costs. From a glitch in the email servers to an accidental loss of data, an IT services provider can immediately start to implement fixes and provide new data loss prevention plans. A planned approach to systems maintenance, data backup, disaster recovery and system security will also significantly reduce downtime in the future while keeping the business running smoothly and reliably for your employees on a day-to-day basis.

  5. Reduce Technology Equipment Costs: Get Purchasing Power.
    Because they focus solely on IT, the economy of scale in purchasing equipment is greatly enhanced. Also because of a deep knowledge of the products, machines and software, an IT services provider is also more apt to deliver a better, quicker and cheaper technology solution and service for the client. You can forget about sending the administrative support staff out to purchase the wrong software for your businesses application. Now you can simply rely on your IT professionals to handle the decisions that will keep your business running the right way on a smart budget. All this translates into purchasing power and a cost savings that directly relates to both time and money.

  6. The Competitive Edge: Get Ahead Of The Pack.
    Speed and agility are two elements your business needs across the board. Now, especially significant in the case of computing, your business can take advantage of new technologies that are coming to the market that will help your business obtain a competitive advantage. With quicker communications online to help with customer service and speedier deliveries of anything from the products you sell to the data that gets sent through the organization, your business will realize the positive affects an IT solutions provider can bring. A digital office, running at the speed of today’s fast-paced world, will overtake the old paper-based offices of yesterday. An IT services expert can walk you through a myriad of options for gaining a competitive edge.

  7. Communicate Faster: Get Improved Teamwork.
    A great team is only as great as its ability to communicate. With so many new ways to communicate today, it’s not just about inter-office information sharing, but about mobility and out-of-office communications, too. Get your team to stay connected to the critical business data and the important resources they require. This means implementing a broad range of internet connectivity solutions and user tools that only an experienced IT services provider can help with. From the desktop software to the mobile device software, an IT solution is right at hand, helping make your business more efficient while increasing your return on investment.   

  8. Reduce Operating Costs: Get Smarter Spending.
    There is little question that finding a great value today is more important than ever. Value comes in several forms, not the least of which is the monetary worth of time and resources. By getting smarter and more efficient with IT expenses, money is saved in several areas. In HR for example, an IT services firm can help find solutions that translate to fewer dollars spent on training, recruiting, vacation time and employee turnover. This can be as simple as new software implementations or enhanced time tracking systems, but either way, the value found in a smarter IT infrastructure for your business operations translates to hard dollar savings. Also, a technology services provider can help to plan and control budgets in any area of the business operation, which also helps identify future bottom-line savings.

  9. On Demand: Get Help When You Need It.
    From an electrical problem in your information systems servers to that pesky stalled computer program, your business will face these situations at some pretty inconvenient times. When you need that expert-level IT support on your time, an IT solutions provider can be just a click away. With remote systems monitoring, there may even be a fix in place before the problem happens. Your IT support staff, even from hundreds of miles away, can efficiently keep an eye on how your information is flowing, how the hardware is performing and how secure your data is. Don’t waste time, because when you’re focused on running your business, you can call your IT solutions provider whenever is convenient for you and rely on their expertise to get a level of support you’d otherwise have to wait for.

  10. The Employee Factor: Get Enhanced Human Resources.
    Every employee wants to work where their tools are the best in the industry. When the computer and the system it runs on are fast and reliable, it becomes an invaluable asset to your business. Your employees want to be better than their competitors, and a robust IT infrastructure can help put them ahead. Whether they are using new technologies online or just enhanced software solutions, they count on that system to work so they can get their job done. Using a professional IT services provider can give small businesses the ability to attract and retain employees, because when the computer systems are running efficiently, the staff has fewer things to worry about so they can focus on what they love about their job.

  11. Reaction Time: Get Happier Customers.
    At all too many small businesses, their typical model of IT support is to wait until it breaks and then fix it. This is wasteful and will inevitably create dire consequences for any business, not to mention erode that level of customer satisfaction you worked too hard to build up. With an IT infrastructure that speeds communications and a high level of IT support staff on demand, your reaction time to customer problems is minimized, thus making your customers happier. Your ability to fix problems shouldn’t be hindered by your IT systems; instead your business can be reliably operating with a professional IT team that keeps you up and running. By sharing information quicker, communicating problems quicker and finding customer information quicker, a significant decrease in reaction time is a significant increase in your customers’ loyalty.