How To Assess Enterprise Financials at a Glance

The C-suite is constantly required to execute decisions that affect the entire enterprise. Keeping the team apprised of company financials is essential to guide the decision-making process, but ineffective communication and confusing data transfer can be a roadblock. Creating easy-to-read, relevant dashboards can make major improvements to the day-to-day for small, medium, and global businesses.

INT’s Accounting team works with Intacct dashboards to keep financial information clear, concise, and relevant. But how can these dashboards improve your daily operations and save you money?

Big Picture Visibility

An up-to-date view of an enterprise’s financial health is more than a glance at the bottom line. Creating a holistic view of your finances includes looking at profit and loss, balance sheets, accounts receivable and payable, bank account balances, and more. While bottom line profit margin is a reliable indicator of overall financial success, it’s important to review individual contributing factors regularly; this practice can help identify areas to improve or cut costs.


It’s not only financials that inform the day-to-day operations of a company. Operational data like headcount per department, travel and entertainment expenditure by country, and gross profit margin by project can help departmental leaders take ownership of their profit contributions. Intacct dashboards can provide this data in clear, easy-to-understand layouts. Creating a sense of ownership over those personalized aspects of departmental P&L will help your team.

Connecting Data to Expedite Decision Making

Getting bogged down chasing elusive details can put the brakes on a company’s forward momentum. Rather than sifting through documents or sending endless emails to your accounting team, reclaim your time for what’s important: using insights to guide your enterprise decisions towards your long-term goals.

Ready to streamline your financial reviews and get back to your company’s core competencies? Contact INT to implement Intacct dashboards.

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