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The INT Flex Security project successfully expanded Destwin's security measures by achieving SOC 2 compliance, enhancing their existing PCI-DSS framework.
INT streamlined Edlong's benefits administration, ensuring accurate cost reconciliation and employee enrollments, boosting both efficiency and employee satisfaction.
Partnering with INT, Gardien Products overcame IT challenges by enhancing cybersecurity, WiFi infrastructure, and cloud administration, leading to improved resilience, reliability, and uninterrupted operations against future technological threats.
INT revitalized a leading California cosmetic surgery clinic's operations and marketing through HubSpot's Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs, enhancing efficiency and industry standing.
INT boosted an intellectual property law firm's lead generation and brand recognition through tailored marketing strategies, automation, and sales process streamlining with HubSpot, showcasing growth and industry leadership.
INT developed a tailored website for The Country Mile internet radio station, featuring Live365 streaming, e-commerce, news feeds, and ads, enhancing brand identity, user experience, and online visibility.
INT enhanced The Rock Online website with a redesign focusing on usability, e-commerce integration, streaming, and advertising, boosting its user experience, brand identity, and online presence.
INT transformed Orthopedic and Sports Enhancement Center's website by implementing ADA-compliant features, boosting responsiveness, and refreshing content, leading to a marked improvement in user experience, SEO performance, and digital visibility.
INT facilitated Quiver's migration from Salesforce to HubSpot for a unified data ecosystem, achieving seamless data migration, operational efficiency, and improved marketing-to-sales handoff processes.
INT refreshed RadioMall's visual identity and e-commerce functionality with a new logo, WordPress development, and integrations with HubSpot and QuickBooks, modernizing the brand and optimizing data workflows and processes.
INT elevated Sippin's cybersecurity with advanced scanning, detailed assessments, and tailored policy frameworks, enhancing defenses to meet operational demands and industry benchmarks.