Fortifying Gardien: Cybersecurity Resilience & Seamless Operations with INT’s Managed Technology Services

Gardien Products faced critical IT challenges with their previous technology provider, exposing them to disruptions in email, hardware, and network infrastructure, as well as cybersecurity threats and overall business continuity. To address these issues, they partnered with INT for managed technology services. INT implemented comprehensive cybersecurity measures and an enhanced WiFi infrastructure and provided robust support for cloud administration and hardware. As a result, Gardien has experienced strengthened cybersecurity resilience, improved WiFi reliability, and uninterrupted operations, positioning them for sustained success against future technological challenges.

The Client:

Gardien Products is owned by Consolidated Foam, Inc.; a privately held, family-owned and operated company located in Northern Illinois that has served the lawn & garden community for over 40 years.

Consolidated Foam, founded by Mickey Levitt in 1970, initially focused on manufacturing premier plant protectors (rose cones). Today, the company remains the exclusive industry supplier of this product. Over the last 15 years, they have expanded into the design, manufacturing, and importing of other key lawn and garden products. They currently manufacture hose end accessories, garden and coil hoses, decorative sprinklers, plant protectors, landscape fabric, and more.

The Problem:

Gardien was working with another managed technology provider but was not receiving the level of support that they needed. This exposed the organization to potential disruptions in critical business operations, particularly concerning email, hardware, network infrastructure, and VPN issues. Insufficient IT support also left Gardien and its staff susceptible to cyberattacks. 

The Challenges:

Gardien wanted to solve several key challenges:

  1. Cyberattack Vulnerability: The absence of cybersecurity measures left Gardien exposed to cyber threats. 
  2. Incomplete Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Process: Insufficient IT protocols for employee onboarding and offboarding posed security and operational risks. 
  3. Inadequate WiFi Connectivity: Unreliable WiFi infrastructure caused operational disruptions and frustration. 
  4. Deficient Cloud Administration, Hardware, & Infrastructure Support: Gardien’s lack of IT support for their email, computers, and network infrastructure resulted in business continuity issues.    

The Solution:

To address the challenges faced by Gardien, the following solutions were implemented: 

  1. Cybersecurity Software & Processes: INT introduced cybersecurity software and protocols, including antivirus and spyware software, critical Windows security patch detection, OS updates deployment, security awareness training, annual vulnerability scans, and a password vault, fortifying Gardien’s defenses against cyberattacks. 
  2. Standardized Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Procedures: INT established consistent employee onboarding and offboarding processes to mitigate security risks and eliminate business downtime during transitions. 
  3. WiFi Infrastructure Enhancement: Outdated and inadequate switches and WiFi access points were upgraded to ensure a dependable and efficient WiFi service. 
  4. Robust Cloud Administration, Hardware, & Infrastructure Support: INT assumed responsibility for cloud administration, hardware, and network infrastructure support, guaranteeing uninterrupted business operations. 

The Results:

The implementation of managed technology services for Gardien yielded several positive outcomes: 

  1. Strengthened Cybersecurity Resilience: INT’s comprehensive measures have fortified Gardien’s cybersecurity, alleviating concerns about potential cyberattacks and their detrimental consequences. Since the beginning of Gardien’s managed technology engagement with INT, the impacts of an email hack have been mitigated and numerous phishing attempts have been thwarted. Gardien can now confidently navigate the digital landscape with enhanced protection and resilience against future threats.  
  2. Improved WiFi Reliability: Gardien’s WiFi infrastructure was substantially enhanced, effectively eradicating any issues regarding sluggish or erratic internet connectivity. 
  3. Uninterrupted Operations and Peace of Mind: INT’s responsive support ensured that Gardien experienced minimal to no network downtime or disruption to routine business operations, offering peace of mind in the face of technical challenges.

The transformation undertaken by Gardien Products in collaboration with INT resolved pressing technological challenges while strengthening the organization’s digital infrastructure and security. By addressing vulnerabilities, enhancing cybersecurity measures, improving WiFi reliability, and delivering steadfast support for cloud administration, hardware, and infrastructure, Gardien has positioned itself for sustained success. The engagement effectively shielded Gardien from cyber threats and ensured uninterrupted business operations, providing the assurance that accompanies responsive and reliable technology services.