Growing a Lead Portfolio: Martensen IP’s Journey to a Robust Marketing Engine

Martensen IP, an intellectual property law firm, faced challenges in expanding its lead portfolio and engaged INT as their managed marketing provider to help address these challenges. To help Martensen IP obtain more leads, INT aggregated and organized their data in HubSpot, developed marketing content, implemented marketing automation, and helped to streamline sales processes. These efforts resulted in improved brand recognition, increased control over data, and an enhanced thought leadership presence for Martensen IP, demonstrating how a tailored managed marketing approach can significantly contribute to growth and success in the field of intellectual property law.

The Client:

Martensen IP, an intellectual property law firm, recognizes the imperative role of intellectual property law in modern business and creative decision-making, necessitated by the rapid evolution of technology. They specialize in developing and implementing comprehensive legal strategies to enhance both their clients’ intellectual property portfolios and their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Problem:

Martensen IP aimed to expand its lead portfolio to foster business growth. While they had historically relied on referrals for lead generation, this approach was no longer sufficient to meet their growth objectives. Dissatisfied with the results of previous marketing efforts, they engaged INT as their managed marketing provider, seeking to refine their inbound marketing strategy, optimize their sales processes, and augment their lead database.

The Challenges:

The managed marketing engagement for Martensen IP presented several challenges:   

  1. Data Migration and Aggregation: Martensen IP needed to centralize their contacts into a unified source of truth for enhanced data analysis and targeted lead identification.   
  2. Content Generation: Martensen IP required assistance in crafting marketing emails, one-to-one sales emails, blog and social media content, as well as website copy.   
  3. Marketing Automation Management: Martensen IP needed to maximize the automation of their marketing initiatives to create a high-functioning inbound marketing funnel. However, their internal team lacked the expertise to do so in-house.   
  4. Inbound Marketing Administration: To implement inbound marketing effectively, Martensen IP needed experts to help implement their inbound marketing strategies.  
  5. Sales Enablement: Martensen IP wanted to streamline their sales processes for more effective lead follow-up, as well as a process to nurture existing client relationships. 
  6. CRM Administration: Martensen IP lacked the time and expertise to maintain their CRM (HubSpot). 

The Solution:

To address these challenges, the following solutions were implemented:   

  1. Data Migration and Aggregation: INT migrated Martensen IP’s contact data from various sources into HubSpot, providing them with a centralized platform for data tracking, analysis, and utilization.   
  2. Content Generation: INT developed marketing emails, blog and social media posts, one-to-one emails, and website copy for Martensen IP, weaving in SEO and inbound marketing best practices. 
  3. Marketing Automation Management: INT segmented Martensen IP’s contacts, maintained their blog, constructed email campaigns, and created and implemented workflows to automate and streamline their marketing strategies. 
  4. Inbound Marketing Administration: INT A/B-tested Martensen IP’s marketing emails, created reports and dashboards, managed their social media platforms, integrated their CRM (HubSpot) with their website, managed their forms and calls-to-action (CTAs), applied SEO techniques to their content, and tracked and analyzed their website analytics. 
  5. Sales Enablement: INT created and executed sales workflows, sequences, and tasks, generated reports and dashboards, and segmented contacts to improve Martensen IP’s sales processes and more effectively target their audiences.   
  6. CRM Administration: INT provided CRM (HubSpot) training and end-user support, managed Martensen IP’s Objects and Properties in HubSpot, removed duplicate records, governed their data, and managed Martensen IP’s sales pipeline. 

The Results:

The managed marketing engagement for Martensen IP yielded several favorable outcomes:   

  1. Improved Brand Recognition: Regular blog and social media posts extended the reach of Martensen IP’s presence and heightened their brand recognition.   
  2. Increased Control Over Data: Aggregating all contact data into a unified platform enabled Martensen IP to cleanse, analyze, and utilize their contact data more effectively for targeted marketing.   
  3. Enhanced Thought Leadership Presence: Regular blog posts have allowed Martensen IP to make their thought leadership – a vital component of inbound marketing – more readily and widely available to their audiences.   
  4. More Efficient Sales Processes: Through automation and clarified processes, INT’s team of attorneys can now more efficiently and effectively engage with potential and current customers, enhancing the likelihood of increased sales.   

The managed marketing engagement between Martensen IP and INT has given Martensen IP a boost in their inbound marketing game, leading to better brand recognition, a stronger position as thought leaders, more efficient sales processes, and a rock-solid foundation for attracting the right leads at the right time. This is a prime example of how having the right marketing expertise can supercharge growth and success in the world of intellectual property law.