Case Study: Multimedia Sales & Marketing – The Rock Online

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Website Redesign: Brand Alignment & An Improved User Experience

Multimedia Sales & Marketing (MSM) sought a website redesign for their internet radio station, The Rock Online. INT updated the visual elements of the site, along with improved navigational features and the integration of an e-commerce platform, radio streaming, a news feed, and advertising space. These efforts resulted in an enhanced user experience, distinct brand identity, and a strengthened online presence for The Rock Online.

The Client:

Multimedia Sales & Marketing (MSM) provides the platform for businesses to utilize local media to serve their communities in more than just a business sense. In conjunction with their business sponsors and media outlets, MSM has aired over 3 million public service messages sponsored by small businesses across the United States, heightening awareness on subjects like breast cancer, blood donation, and drug abuse.

The purpose of MSM’s internet radio station, The Rock Online, is to curate and share the rich tapestry of classic rock music while also addressing societal issues that deeply resonate with their listeners. Its mission encompasses two significant aspects: providing a platform for classic rock enthusiasts to connect with the music they cherish and using The Rock Online’s influence to inspire positive change in the community.

The Problem:

MSM required a comprehensive overhaul of the website for their internet radio station, The Rock Online. Their objectives included aligning the visual branding of The Rock Online with their other internet radio station, The Country Mile; enhancing user-friendliness in comparison to their existing website; and facilitating seamless access to the radio station’s broadcasts from any device while providing real-time updates on the latest rock music news.

The Challenges:

The website redesign project for MSM presented several key challenges:   

  1. Visual Brand Alignment: The client desired a website that would capture the essence of the The Rock Online brand and be more visually aligned with their other internet radio station, The Country Mile. 
  2. User Experience: The goal was to create a website that would be easy to navigate and that would convert visitors into loyal customers.  
  3. E-commerce Platform Capabilities: The client had a need for a user-friendly e-commerce platform to facilitate merchandise sales. 
  4. Radio Streaming Functionality: The website needed to seamlessly stream the client’s rock music radio station via Live365. 
  5. News Feature: The client wanted to integrate a rock music news feature into the website, offering visitors an additional avenue to connect with their favorite music. 
  6. Advertising Space: The client requested designated space to facilitate the sale and prominent display of advertising slots across multiple pages of The Rock Online. 

                      The Solution:

                      To address the challenges faced by MSM, the following solutions were implemented:  

                      1. Visual Brand Implementation: Collaborating closely with the client, INT developed an updated brand identity that authentically represented The Rock Online. This included an updated color scheme and a rotating banner with customized graphics. 
                      2. Intuitive Navigation & Extra Features: To ensure a positive, user-friendly experience, INT crafted an intuitive navigation menu along with clear calls-to-action throughout the website. We also placed an Amazon-approved “How to listen via Alexa” explainer image, as well as a dynamic weather feed, in an easily accessible spot at the top of several pages for an enhanced user experience. 
                      3. E-commerce Platform Implementation: INT implemented the “Spreadshirt” e-commerce platform to provide an easy-to-use experience for both the client and their customers. 
                      4. Live365 Integration: Recognizing the radio streaming function was the most integral part of this website project, we ensured that the Live365 integration was as intuitive as possible. We worked with the client to determine the most user-friendly way to interact with the streaming feature, providing visitors with multiple options for listening, viewing, and downloading songs. 
                      5. News Integration: We incorporated an automatically updated news feed by implementing an RSS feed to a rock music news website. 
                      6. Provision of Advertisement Slots: The INT team designed advertisement slots across multiple pages that streamlined the process for members of MSM’s team when implementing updates upon the sale of an advertisement. 

                                          The Results:

                                          The website redesign project for MSM yielded several positive outcomes:  

                                          1. Enhanced User Experience: The integration of the website with Live365, Spreadshirt, and a rock music news website enhanced the overall user experience, making it easy to stream music, purchase The Rock Online merchandise, and stay up-to-date on rock music news.  
                                          2. Distinct Brand Identity: The new website provided MSM with an updated, more distinct brand identity across both of their internet radio stations. 
                                          3. Bolstered Online Presence: The enhanced branding, website navigation, and seamless integration of Live365 and music news features collectively contribute to an improved user experience, poised to augment The Rock Online’s audience base and bolster their online prominence. 

                                          INT’s comprehensive website design approach successfully addressed the challenges MSM faced in modernizing their online presence for The Rock Online. The project yielded an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly website that was strategically aligned with MSM’s goals to enhance their brand recognition and increase user engagement.