Case Study:
Orthopedic & Sports Enhancement Center

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Website Refresh: Enhancing OSEC’s Digital Presence

The Orthopedic & Sports Enhancement Center (OSEC) faced website deficiencies affecting user experience, including malfunctioning features and outdated content. Addressing these challenges, INT introduced ADA-compliant elements, enhanced responsiveness, and updated content. Consequently, OSEC’s website saw substantial improvements in user experience and search engine optimization, leading to heightened brand awareness and an overall enhanced digital presence.

The Client:

The Orthopedic & Sports Enhancement Center (OSEC) provides individualized, comprehensive care to people with orthopedic concerns including sports injury treatment, prevention, and performance enhancement. Their board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons specialize in careful diagnosis and state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical treatment plans, with the primary objective of optimizing the health and active lifestyles of their patients.

The Problem:

OSEC faced a multitude of deficiencies within their website, which hampered the website’s overall user experience. These deficiencies included a malfunctioning search function, outdated content, and an outdated aesthetic, resulting in suboptimal user engagement.

The Challenges:

The website migration and refresh project for OSEC presented several key challenges:  

  1. Poor User Experience: OSEC’s website was plagued by a broken search functionality, malfunctioning hyperlinks, and an unsatisfactory navigation experience. 
  2. ADA Non-Compliance: The website failed to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance standards, exposing the client to potential legal ramifications and substantial fines. 
  3. Lack of Responsiveness: OSEC’s website lacked responsiveness, leading to a subpar user experience on mobile devices and an impact to SEO optimization. 
  4. Outdated Content: The website contained obsolete content that did not accurately represent the client’s organization. 

        The Solution:

        To address the challenges faced by OSEC, the following solutions were implemented: 

        1. Enhanced User Experience: INT addressed issues by rectifying the search functionality and hyperlinks, optimizing website elements, introducing a “sticky” header for improved navigation, streamlining patient portal access, and modernizing various UI components to elevate the overall user experience. 
        2. ADA Compliance Implementation: INT adjusted style sheets and page layouts to meet the minimum ADA compliance requirements, thereby ensuring accessibility for all users. 
        3. Improved Responsiveness: INT crafted new style sheets to facilitate responsive design, rendering the website compatible with various mobile devices. 
        4. Content Enhancement: INT identified and replaced outdated information with up-to-date, SEO-optimized content provided by OSEC. 
        5. 12-Month Hosting and Maintenance: INT provided ongoing hosting and maintenance to ensure that OSEC’s website continued to meet industry standards and function at full capacity. 

                The Results:

                The website migration and refresh project for OSEC yielded a range of favorable outcomes: 

                1. Enhanced User Experience: Revisions in navigation, aesthetics, search and hyperlink functionality, and mobile responsiveness significantly improved the user experience. 
                2. Improved Search Engine Optimization and Brand Awareness: Incorporating updated content and integrating social media icons into the website’s headers and footers contributed to heightened SEO performance and brand visibility. 
                3. Peace of Mind with Ongoing Maintenance: INT offered a comprehensive 12-month hosting and maintenance package to guarantee that OSEC’s website retained its enhanced functionality and performance, sustaining the improvements introduced during the project’s execution. 

                The comprehensive website migration and refresh project undertaken by INT for the Orthopedic & Sports Enhancement Center (OSEC) not only resolved critical website issues but also elevated the digital presence of this healthcare facility. By successfully enhancing the user experience, achieving ADA compliance, and introducing contemporary content, OSEC’s website now offers a superior online platform for its patients and visitors. The enduring benefits of improved search engine optimization and brand awareness, coupled with 12 months of ongoing maintenance, ensure that OSEC remains at the forefront of healthcare accessibility and excellence in the digital landscape.