Achieving Optimal Efficiency for Quivers: Improved Data Integrity & Streamlined Marketing-to-Sales Handoff Processes

Recognizing ineffective marketing-to-sales handoff processes, Quivers opted to transition from Salesforce to HubSpot to establish a unified data source. INT managed a seamless data migration with minimal impact on daily operations, ensuring the transfer of all existing processes to HubSpot. This initiative resulted in operational HubSpot Hubs, refined data integrity, enhanced processes, and a notably improved marketing-to-sales handoff for Quivers.

The Client:

Founded by Ruben Martin in California in 1985, Quivers has made it their mission to help specialty brands sell direct-to-consumer (D2C). By leveraging the brand’s full ecosystem, Quivers has created a new world of commerce in which brands, retailers, distributors, ambassadors, and others can work side-by-side to provide a better consumer experience.

The Problem:

Quivers required the configuration of their HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hubs. Additionally, they sought to migrate their data from their existing CRM, Salesforce, to their HubSpot portal. The ultimate goal was to align their marketing and sales efforts by seamlessly transferring all Salesforce data to HubSpot.

The Challenges:

The setup and migration project for Quivers presented several key challenges:  

  1. Configure HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hubs: Quivers needed to set up their Marketing and Sales Hubs in HubSpot to implement effective marketing and sales initiatives. 
  2. Mirror Current Processes, Configurations, and Reporting: Quivers aimed to mirror their existing processes, automations, and custom reports from Salesforce in the HubSpot platform. 
  3. Ensure Clean Data is Migrated from Salesforce to HubSpot: Quivers sought a flawless transfer of all Salesforce data to HubSpot, emphasizing the importance of maintaining data integrity. 
  4. Minimal Disruptions to Daily Operations: The aim was to ensure that the migration process would not disrupt Quivers’ day-to-day business operations. 

        The Solution:

        To address the challenges faced by Quivers, the following solutions were implemented: 

        1. Marketing and Sales Hub Onboarding: INT collaborated closely with the client, providing comprehensive onboarding support to effectively integrate them into their HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub portals. This included ensuring the functionality of all required features and providing thorough training to their designated points of contact. 
        2. Reworked Processes and Automations: INT analyzed the existing processes and automations in Salesforce and recommended enhancements to maximize efficiency within the HubSpot portal. By introducing new processes and automations, INT ensured the client’s HubSpot experience was optimized. 
        3. Clean Data Before Migration: Recognizing the crucial role of clean data in a streamlined CRM, INT worked closely with the client to cleanse their data before importing it into HubSpot. The purpose of this meticulous data cleansing process was to ensure the success of Quivers’ HubSpot initiatives. 
        4. Detailed Migration Plan: It was paramount that the migration from HubSpot to Salesforce did not disrupt daily operations. INT prevented any disruption by creating a detailed migration plan prior to the migration and providing training and status updates on a regular basis throughout the project. 

              The Results:

              The HubSpot setup and migration yielded several positive outcomes for Quivers: 

              1. Fully Functional HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hubs: Quivers’ HubSpot portal was not only fully functional but also tailored to their specific needs, enabling them to execute their marketing and sales strategies seamlessly. 
              2. Clean Data and Efficient Processes: Following the setup and migration to HubSpot, Quivers benefitted from clean data and more efficient processes, facilitating their day-to-day operations. 
              3. Improved Marketing-to-Sales Handoff Process: The migration to HubSpot significantly improved the marketing-to-sales handoff process for Quivers. This resulted in increased bandwidth, reduced resource costs, and heightened effectiveness of their marketing and sales initiatives. 

              The successful HubSpot portal setup and Salesforce-to-HubSpot migration effectively addressed the initial challenges faced by Quivers. Consequently, the project delivered a more streamlined and efficient marketing-to-sales handoff process, underscoring the importance of managing marketing and sales data and initiatives within a unified platform. 


              “INT went above and beyond in setting up our HubSpot CRM with us. Their thorough approach and expertise were exceptional, resulting in a seamless integration that gave us an efficient starting point and considered all our previous business logic. From the initial consultation to the meticulous data migration and extensive testing, INT demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and tailored the CRM setup perfectly to our workflows. Their dedication to thoroughness, coupled with their open communication and responsiveness, instilled confidence in their ability to deliver outstanding results. Thanks to their efforts, we now have a robust CRM solution that has revolutionized our marketing and sales processes and empowered our team to be more efficient and data-driven.”

              -Marissa Luedy
              VP of Product & Ops