Resonating with Modern Audiences: RadioMall’s Journey to Brand Excellence

RadioMall faced challenges with an outdated visual identity and an inconvenient e-commerce site. Solutions included a modern logo redesign, a WordPress-based e-commerce site, and customized integration with HubSpot and QuickBooks. The results included a modernized brand image, an improved website, and seamless integrations of customer and purchase data with external systems.

The Client:

Founded by Dave Dworkin in 1985, RadioMall has been an essential source for radio and tv stations, audio-video producers and cable operators worldwide. The company started as “Ghostwriters” because their original product line was written radio comedy material. Since then they have expanded to primarily provide two types of products: databases of radio station contact information, and collections of sound effects, production music, and hit music. 

The Problem:

RadioMall had an outdated logo and an inconvenient ecommerce site. The logo no longer represented their brand essence and failed to resonate with modern audiences. Additionally, the existing e-commerce platform had a limited feature set, which required manual fulfillment of all products. 

Original RadioMall Logo

The Challenges:

The rebranding project for RadioMall presented several key challenges:  

  1. Visual Brand Improvement: RadioMall sought to enhance their visual brand identity, making it feel modern, appealing, and aligned with their target audience.  
  2. Website Enhancement: The aim was to revamp the e-commerce site, creating a user-friendly platform for both RadioMall and their customers, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.  
  3. Integration with HubSpot and QuickBooks: RadioMall required seamless synchronization of customer and purchase data with HubSpot and QuickBooks, respectively, to streamline their internal processes.  
  4. Audio Product Consistency: The existing audio product archives lacked consistency and user-friendliness. The challenge was to reorganize and create a cohesive structure that would enhance usability for customers. 

The Solution:

To address the challenges faced by RadioMall, the following solutions were implemented:

  1. Logo Redesign and Color Scheme Update: Working closely with RadioMall, a modern and visually appealing logo was created that reflected the essence of RadioMall’s services. The color scheme was updated to evoke a sense of professionalism, trust, and creativity.

  2. Website Redesign and Platform Upgrade: A new website was built on the WordPress platform, incorporating the WooCommerce e-commerce solution. The new site offered an intuitive and seamless user experience for both RadioMall and their customers. It featured clear navigation, enhanced search functionality, and a streamlined checkout process.
  3. Integration with HubSpot and QuickBooks: The e-commerce solution was customized to connect and sync customer data with HubSpot, allowing RadioMall to leverage advanced marketing automation and customer relationship management tools. Additionally, the purchase data seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks, simplifying the client’s accounting processes. 
  4. Audio Product Reorganization and Bundling: The audio product archives were reorganized and standardized, providing a consistent structure and easier navigation for customers. Furthermore, product bundles were created to incentivize customers to make larger purchases, increasing overall sales. 

The Results:

The rebranding efforts for RadioMall yielded several positive outcomes: 

  1. Enhanced Brand Identity: The new logo and updated color scheme successfully modernized the brand image. 
  2. Improved Website Experience: The redesigned website and e-commerce platform significantly enhanced the user experience for both RadioMall’s employees & customers 
  3. Seamless Integration: The integration of customer and purchase data with HubSpot and QuickBooks brought significant operational efficiencies. The client’s marketing and accounting teams could now better access purchase data, automate processes, and make informed decisions. 

The brand refresh & website relaunch of RadioMall successfully addressed the initial challenges, resulting in a more modern and customer-centric experience. The project exemplified the power of strategic rebranding and user-focused design to revitalize a company’s image and improve its overall performance. 


              “RadioMall’s rebranding and website overhaul have been impressive. The new logo and updated color scheme really capture RadioMall’s essence, and the revamped website with WooCommerce integration is a game-changer for user-friendliness. The HubSpot/QuickBooks integration they put in place has streamlined our internal operations, while their reorganization of the audio products on our website has enhanced navigation. Furthermore, their automation of the fulfillment process – which replaced decades-old manual methods – has saved us time and reduced errors. It’s evident that INT knows what they’re doing when it comes to strategic rebranding and user-focused design. We’re excited to see where they go from here!”

              RadioMall Management