How Employee Storytelling Can Build Your Brand

Employee Storytelling

Recruiting top talent for your small business can be a drain on time and resources. It’s difficult to ensure a new employee meshes well with the team, upholds company values, and is experienced enough to succeed in their new role. Small businesses are increasingly turning towards brand storytelling to attract candidates.

Brand storytelling works best when it’s authentic, and authenticity comes from the employees that already work for you. Follow the tips and tricks below to help your employees become your best recruiters.

Encourage positive reviews.

Sites like Glassdoor or JobAdvisor give employees a voice to sing your company’s praises or warn others to stay away. Be on the look out for positive feedback – for example, after annual reviews, employee accomplishments, or at the end of the year. When you year positive conversation about your workplace, encourage the person to leave a note on Glassdoor about their experience. 

Social media is your best friend.

Your employees likely already use social media in their day-to-day lives. Creating easy-to-share content, predetermined hash tags, and encouraging people to tag your company accounts can increase your engagement and visibility.

Let leadership set the example.

Make sure your leadership team understands the importance of sharing employee successes. While some employees may not create a post on LinkedIn or Facebook celebrating a company milestone, they may feel more comfortable sharing a post from their CEO about the same event. Encourage your employees to follow, like, and share posts from leadership so they can stay up-to-date.

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