Why Email Marketing is Still the Best Way to Reach Customers

Email Marketing is Still the Best Way to Reach Customers

In a society that has grown obsessed with social media, it can seem like the logical place to redirect marketing budgets. However, while diversifying your marketing channels is important, email marketing still delivers the most bang for your buck. According to a study by Custora email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than major social media networks.

In 2018, the number of email and social media users in the United States was comparable, with 248.7 million and 243.6 million users, respectively, according to Statista. Often overlooked though, is the fact that social media’s user base is divided over an ever-growing plethora of platforms that many users do not check every day. On the flip side, in 2017, 85% of United States adults sent or read an email at least once a day. Email is highly customizable, with the capability to send different versions to predetermined audiences, rather than algorithms trying to deliver an applicable ad. Social media also requires customers to act immediately or the ad disappears. Email allows undecided customers to save a message and come back to it at their leisure.

Our Tips:

Even with these promising statistics, just launching an email marketing campaign does not guarantee success. Use these email marketing tips to help create ideal conditions for your campaigns.

  • Grow your own email list: Purchasing an email list from a third party can be tempting, but creating your own, even if its growth is slow, ensures your audience has interest in the email’s content and your company. This will increase your open rate and conversions rather than spamming unknowing inboxes.
  • Be consistent: Sending out emails on a scheduled basis helps subscribers know what to expect and be less likely to redirect messages to spam. Holding branding and formatting consistent will also increase brand recognition.
  • Invest in database upkeep: Taking the time to build and maintain an organized database of subscribers can pay off in the long run. Create demographic groupings within the database to easily send customized messages to a specific audience. By checking the authenticity of email addresses often you can ensure messages are delivering and more accurately measure performance metrics.
  • Put thought into the landing page: Where your email sends consumers is equally important as the content itself. Most users will not click through multiple pages and are conscious about the visual look of your site. Having a mobile compatible landing page is crucial, with a growing majority opening emails on their mobile devices.
  • Share your results: As with most marketing, email marketing is a large part trial and error to find what performs best with your target audience. Having a centralized system where employees can share their methods and outcomes can make the process a lot more efficient over time.

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