4 Small Steps Towards Employee Wellness

4 Small Steps to Wellness

Wellness programs can sometimes sound like a dream. From three catered meals a day to special “nap rooms” for employees, it’s easy to associate wellness with over-the-top budgets or time-intensive program development. Starting an employee wellness program doesn’t have to be intimidating. Taking small steps to encourage overall wellness can snowball into larger lifestyle changes for your team.

Expand Your Definition of Wellness

Initial conversations about employee wellness may focus on physical fitness. While it’s important to promote healthy eating and daily movement, be sure to address other aspects of wellness too. Topics like financial wellness, stress management, smoking cessation, or community volunteering projects might resonate more profoundly than a diet-and-exercise checklist.

Stock the Snack Cabinet

Avoid the usual chips, cookies, and sugar cereals. These high-sugar snacks cause crashes later in the afternoon, negatively affecting mood and energy levels. Instead, offer fruit, tea, and whole grain snacks. You’re more likely to reach for a healthy alternative if it’s readily available.

Consider a Reimbursement Policy

Not every company can cover expensive employee gym memberships, boutique studio classes, or meal kits every night of the week. But offering even a small stipend for wellness-related costs can improve employees’ health and encourage them to try new programs or activities.

INT’s Employee Wellness Program covers gym memberships, wellness apps, meal kits, meditation classes, massages, and more. Keeping our guidelines broad allows employees to spend money on what is most important to them.

Give Employees Time to Invest in Wellness

We’ve all used the excuse “I don’t have enough time” to avoid the gym. Giving employees the freedom to adjust their schedule around their wellness plans helps them prioritize their wellness. This could mean a company outing to support a local 5K, adjusted summer schedules, or monthly work-from-home days.

If you’d prefer to keep your team together, try a corporate volunteering day. Studies show that volunteering is beneficial to your employees’ health, and giving back as a team can build meaningful internal connections that last long after the event concludes.

Need help building designing a wellness program for your office? Contact the INT team.

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