Mastering Written Communication

Mastering Written Communication

Getting bogged down in unsuccessful written communication can be a roadblock to even the most efficient businesses. If your messaging is ineffective, both your employees and your customers can lose sight of what inspires loyalty to your brand. By improving your company’s writing, you’ll have a clearer purpose, focused employees, and a better understanding of your customer’s needs.

Use these easy tips to improve your writing today:

  • Use fewer words with greater impact.
    Both internal and external communication can benefit from brevity. Opt for text that provides the most relevant information in the fewest number of words. While writing, ask yourself: Do I need a second sentence to convey this thought, or will one be enough?
  • Eliminate the first paragraph of your rough draft.
    A rough draft’s first paragraph often includes unnecessary fillers or background information. Introductions like “I will explain,” “I intend to,” or “This article will tell you” only take up space. Skip directly to your main message instead.
  • Know your audience.
    Internal communication, like memos or newsletters, can assume that the audience has a baseline understanding of the company’s product and mission. There’s likely no need to educate your audience about your product. Instead, skip directly to the point of the message.
    External communication requires a little extra thought. Start with identifying your audience’s most important takeaways, then ask yourself what supplemental information they need in order to understand your point. Looking to attract new customers? Identify ways your product provides more value than your competitor.
  • Write once, edit twice.
    When you’re ready to send out your message, take a moment to reread the draft twice. Use the first read-through to identify areas where you may need to expand your point; fix any small grammatical errors on the second scan.

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