How to Connect Your Siloed Departments

Interdepartmental communication creates a collaborative environment, but creating connections can be difficult. When is there time to break away from the screen to learn more about your colleagues? The pressures of deadlines and project milestones can get in the way of genuine employee connections.

At INT, we know it’s important to prioritize interdepartmental unity.  Use our strategies below to increase employee engagement:

Setup a Monthly Office Lunch

INT staff enjoy a community lunch.
INT staff enjoy a community lunch.

Taking an hour out of a busy work day to connect with different departments can refocus and recharge your team. Mix up the seating arrangement each month with shuffled name tags to encourage new connections. Make sure to offer new options each month and take suggestions to engage employees in the event.

Recognize Daily Victories

At INT, each employee has a designated number of “Awesome Awards” to hand out each year. These can be used to recognize a professional success, a hard project completed, or a coworker who leant a helping hand. “Awesome Awards” come with a personalized shout out and a gift card for the recipient to use. By giving your team the autonomy to reward hard work, you encourage them to look for the good in one another and to celebrate everyday success.

Get Creative

INT staff enjoy a creative break.
INT staff enjoy a creative break.

From arts and crafts to icebreaker activities, we make sure our employees get a chance to try something new from time to time. Getting to break away from the to do list and work on something different can bring fresh perspective to lingering tasks. Plus, hanging employee art in common spaces brightens the room and creates a sense of unity.

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